We take one step at a time.

  1. It all starts with the initial meeting, which is undertaken at our expense, where we start to get to know each other. We establish…More »

    your objectives, agree what your priorities are and we explain how we will go about achieving them for you. At this stage, we'll discuss our regulatory obligations and documentation. Throughout the whole process you’ll be under absolutely no obligation to take any advice that is to be given.

  2. We’ll then go away, think about what you've told us and, if appropriate, send you a summary of our understanding of what you want to achieve…More »

    along with Letters of Authority should you have any existing plans which require reviewing. This gives you the chance to let us know if anything has been forgotten or misunderstood. At this stage we will outline the costs and agree our method of remuneration.

  3. Our full research and analysis process can now begin…More »

    If there are existing plans in place, once we’ve received the Letters of Authority, the research process will incorporate writing to your existing plan providers to establish their full details so we can asses their suitability against your expressed objectives.

  4. A second face-to-face meeting is the opportunity to outline our recommendations…More »

    If it is a straightforward case, a full recommendation will be made. Outline recommendations are fine-tuned following our discussion, in less straightforward cases and, where necessary, we will hold a third meeting with you to present our final recommendations.

  5. We then process any transactions and put the agreed recommendations into effect.

  6. Finally, we will send you a detailed report confirming the ‘reasons why’ and explaining the ‘suitability’ of our recommendations.

Keyfacts about our services and costs

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Later Years Planning

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Investment advice

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Retirement advice

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Protection advice

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Business advice

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Mortgage advice

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