How Do We Get Paid


Our investment-based services can be paid for via a fee or via an Adviser Charge which is effectively a fee deducted from an investment product, should one be arranged. We have no preference because our remuneration is the same, whether we receive a fee or a product-related Adviser Charge.

In the interest of transparency the remuneration for our services will be agreed with you in writing, in advance of any work being undertaken.

We are also remunerated via an on-going annual management charge of, typically, 0.5% of the prevailing investment value. This pays for the on-going services we provide (such as investment monitoring and reporting), unless of course you have expressly requested no on-going service is received. For other details of on-going service please refer to our Service Proposition page.


For advice on the provision of products which do not have an investment element, the product will normally provide us with a commission. In all circumstances, although not required under regulation to do so, we will disclose that commission.

In certain circumstances (such as mortgage advice) the commission may not cover the cost of the work to be undertaken. In such events we will need to charge an additional fee.

Where the provision of a product is not necessary to meet your requirements we will need to charge a fee.

If our remuneration is to include an element of fees we will agree this with you in writing, in advance of undertaking any such work.

Our remuneration policy

Even before the regulator announced the requirement for all Adviser’s remuneration to be transparent, we had made a conscious decision to adopt a transparent charging policy where our remuneration was adapted to reflect the cost of the work as opposed to electing to take the maximum commission which the investment product may offer.

This decision was made for these reasons:

  • We aspire to build long-term, valued working relationships with our clients and this would rightly be perceived as a hollow sentiment if our services and associated remuneration were not fair and transparent.
  • By incorporating remuneration on an on-going basis (as opposed to all up front) we are effectively ensuring that we can provide an on-going service of a sufficiently high standard. This is because you would be able to ‘transfer the servicing rights’ to an alternative adviser if you were not happy with the service we provide. This is a risk for us but one we are prepared to take in the interests of a mutually valued relationship with you.

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