Service Propositions

Our desire is to be your partner in creating security and building wealth. We hope to earn the right to work with you now and in the future.

We believe it is important for us to be clear about how we work and the services we offer because this will help ensure your expectations are met.

Our service can be broken down into three stages: Research and Assessment, Implementation, On-going Service

We take ownership and responsibility for our immediate guidance and advice. How our relationship works beyond that will be determined by your requirements and preferences.

Stage 1

Research and Assessment

This stage incorporates analysis of your existing plans and provisions and advice regarding their compatibility with your objectives, aspirations and risk profile. If necessary, recommendations will be made for improvement (which you are under no obligation to accept). This is an essential part of the process because, to use a building analogy; we should not begin building until we are confident that the foundations are sound.

Stage 2


The second stage involves implementing actions and affecting plans which are mutually agreed appropriate and necessary following the completion of the first stage. In most cases it is not possible or indeed appropriate to address this stage until we have a thorough understanding of the structure of your existing arrangements and you have had a chance to digest our summary and recommendations.

Stage 3

On-going Service

Most people seek our services because there is no real structure or clear objective-setting regarding their financial planning. In most circumstances it is vital that the arrangements put in place are regularly reviewed to ensure their continued suitability. This could range from your adviser reviewing the performance and behaviours of your investments to periodic face-to-face meetings with your adviser to review your objectives or ensure your financial planning requirements are on track. For example, in most cases the investment funds are automatically reviewed internally on a quarterly basis whereas the frequency of dialogue or meetings with your adviser is for mutual agreement. You may want your relationship with your adviser to be of a proactive nature or you may choose to deal with us on an ad-hoc basis.

Later Years Planning

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