Plan Direct

Welcome to our Plan Direct service.

Why have we done it?

We recognise that the way many people choose to engage with financial services is the same as it is with all manner of things; which is to transact online. Our first development in this area is to include: Motor, Home, Energy and Travel comparisons. It will also include a range of personal insurances like Life cover and Critical Illness cover. Of course there is nothing new about this concept but it is very unusual for an Independent Financial Adviser firm to offer online solutions such as this. In fact we are amongst the first in the UK to do so and our idea has been very positively covered in trade press.

We still believe, in the main, that insurances such as life and critical illness cover are better advised, rather than non-advised. However, we do recognise that not everyone wants to engage with the regulated financial advice process in every event and therefore offering the choice of either route will appeal to more people, more often.

How does it work?

We have undertaken a due diligence exercise and partnered with an established website You simply click on the area you want to compare and it takes you through to the relevant page on who can identify that you have come to them via the Plan Money website. In conjunction with we provide an online comparison of insurance products by premiums and product features so you can quickly and easily assess your options.

What does it cost?

Like any comparison website a commission is paid to the site by the insurance company or service provider and this pays for the service. Plan Money receives a share of the commission received by The premiums and costs quoted are the same if you go direct or via Plan Money’s website.

Paying too much

If you would like the control to compare features and set up your own simple financial and insurance products online, this service is right for you. You are able to compare not only the premium, but also what the policy covers. We feel this is an important distinguishing feature and vital to ensure our clients not only get a great price, but also the cover they require.

Why not give it a try?

Paying too much - Car Insurance
Motor Insurance

We compare car insurance quotes from over 90 companies, meaning you only have to fill in one form to compare rates between many different car insurance companies.

Paying too much - Home Insurance
Home Insurance

Home insurance policies can vary a great deal, so it is essential you compare them not only on price but also on the level of cover they provide.

Paying too much - Life Insurance
Life Insurance

We compare features, not just premiums. Our results table shows the monthly premiums from up to 10 insurers all at once. Policy differences are highlighted using ticks and crosses against additional features.

Paying too much - Energy

Our energy process is accredited to the Consumer Focus Confidence Code, which means we are: impartial, comprehensive and accurate.

Paying too much - Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance

Our travel insurance price comparison tool should help you identify the best travel insurance quickly and easily.

Plan Money Ltd acts only as an introducer to the website. It is (a service operated by Eclipse Financial Systems Ltd) which provides the price comparison service and it is (as operated by Eclipse Financial Systems Ltd) who are responsible for the data contained within their own website.

The service offered through the Plan Money Ltd website is a non-advised service. Whilst transacting on a non-advised basis is often cheaper, you do need to be aware that when you buy financial products direct, without taking regulated advice, you will have no recourse to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) because you are bearing the responsibility for that purchase yourself. If you require independent financial advice which is tailored to your circumstances, please do not hesitate to contact one of our Financial Planners at Plan Money Ltd.

For a full copy of the terms of business for, including the contact details if you wish to make a complaint regarding the website, please visit the Terms and Conditions section of the website which can be found at the following web link: