Capital structuring

New clients are retiring from Public Sector employment and have to make decisions about how to structure the capital sum received from their pensions. With a decent combined income they have never adopted any savings habits. Both in their early fifties, they will continue with part-time employment but have to come to terms with a different income structure.

Care Home funding

My Mum has just gone into a Care Home. My Dad still lives in their home. Mum’s Care fees are paid by the local authority minus a contribution from their pension incomes. They have modest savings. What financial planning requirements should we consider?

Cash ISAs & Junior ISAs

Would it be possible for our daughter to open a Cash ISA, when she turns 16, if we have already opened a Junior ISA for her during the year?

My son will soon be 18 years old, would it be possible for parents to transfer funds to him without the need for us to worry about the £100 gross income rule (income from gifts taxed as the parent’s income)?

Controlling Investment volitility

We are trustees for some monies which were inherited eight years ago by our three children via their grandfather’s will and are held in a discretionally managed portfolio. We are concerned that we are exposed to too much volatility bearing in mind one of the children may need their share in less than two years. What action should we take?

Deferring State Pension

My husband is due his pension in a few weeks’ time. He is still working self-employed, and he will not need to touch his pension for two years. He currently has a stocks ISA and will receive about £700 a month, what is the best way forward? (The money is from his state pension).