Stage 1:

Review and advice

Once we understand what you want achieve, we will review your current circumstances and existing plans before helping you understand your options. This could be specific advice in one area or a general financial planning review.

Stage 2:

Plan implementation

After careful planning it is time to implement the recommended course of action. This could involve arranging a new financial product or improving your existing arrangements. We conduct thorough research, make a personal recommendation and efficiently handle the application process to completion.

Stage 3:

Ongoing service

In our experience the best financial plans are those that are reviewed regularly and kept on track.  We provide a bespoke review service, which is an opportunity to monitor progress and update your plans in line with your evolving circumstances.

Each stage is a distinct service. By structuring our service this way we avoid the inherent conflict of interest where an adviser is reliant on the provision of a product to get paid. We charge a set fee for a set piece of work. This way you can be confident that you are always receiving truly impartial financial advice and that your adviser has no vested interest in one particular outcome over another.